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enduRings started out as a solution to a family problem while I was serving overseas alongside the Armed Forces, law enforcement officers and aid workers. I constantly received security advice to remove my wedding ring and other metallic jewellery. It wasn’t safe. It made you a target. It caused unnecessary injuries. To reinforce the point, in pre-deployment training we were roughed up and ‘kidnapped’; our valuables were forcibly removed and it often struck me how personally participants took the loss.

But it wasn’t just the participants that suffered. Wives, husbands, partners and family members were understandably upset when their significant others heeded the security advice and removed their rings. To them, a bond was being broken, making the time and distance longer and harder to bear.

Returning home, my titanium wedding ring still wasn’t right. It wasn’t comfortable or practical. I had to take it off for the gym, football, golf, tennis. When I got around to doing those long-standing jobs around the house (I know – priorities!), I caught it on everything injuring my finger and scratching the life out of what had been a good looking piece of jewellery. In short, something had to be done.

And so, my family created enduRings: hard-wearing, stretchable, flexible, silicone wedding-rings.

Made from precision moulds in premium quality silicone and in a range of strong pantone colours, people soon started converting.

But that was just the beginning of our story. The more we talked to family and friends about them and the more enquiries we got, the more we realised that enduRings had so many other applications - and that you didn’t need to be married to wear one. Charities were interested in creating rings for awareness campaigns and fundraising; schools and colleges wanted to know if we could create rings with their crests; sports teams asked about having rings in their colours; people asked about camouflage and tactical rings for use by the armed forces and police; others enquired about safe silicone jewellery for kids; some just wanted to make a fashion statement. So, we added wholesale options to cover those demands.

Following a year of market research and product development, we think we’ve got just about every angle covered. And if we haven’t, send us your ideas and we’ll see what we can do. To sum it all up, we’ve created a range of safe, superior quality, bevelled, hypo-allergenic, non-conductive, heat-resistant silicone finger-rings that:

  • Are available as silicone wedding rings, in both men’s and women’s ranges.
  • Come in various colours and sizes.
  • Can be embossed and debossed, allowing them to be created wholesale for specific teams, careers, campaigns or charitable causes.
  • Contain 'non-bleeding' colours, allowing numerous colours to be incorporated within individual rings.

For stretchable silicone wedding rings, please click on the ranges where you’ll be re-directed to to complete your individual purchase.

For wholesale orders, please use our contact form to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you if you think we can help.

Thanks for your interest in enduRings.



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