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Military, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

Working with the armed forces, police, emergency services and aid organisations, we’ve seen the same recurring issues with expensive metallic jewellery. In short, you can’t win.

It’s not tactical, snags on everything, makes you a target for thieves and creates barriers between you (‘the haves’) and local impoverished communities (the ‘have nots’).

The security advice is often to take the rings off - which is easier said than done when our loved ones have previously given us this jewellery for sentimental reasons.

So whether they’re simply for security reasons, for use as wedding ring substitutes or for souvenirs of time spent in training or hostile environments, enduRings are the solution.

Available in plain olive, tan, navy or tactical black, as well as jungle, desert and marine camouflage variants, we can meet the requirements of any of the tri-service departments. Operation names, tour deployment dates, ship names and even regimental badges and insignia can be added. We can even provide specifically designed rings for police departments, fire-services and hospitals.

We’ll work with you to create bespoke designs for you and your team and provide artwork to show you how your enduRings will look.

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