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An acquaintance of ours told us that his daughter would be the coolest in her class if she had a pink, kid-sized enduRing, Well, we do hate to disappoint.

The best thing about enduRings is that they are the kind of ‘jewellery’ a lot of our parents are happy for their little ones to wear. They’re not metal. They’re not expensive. They’re safe and they’re practical. Far from being garish or glitzy, enduRings are comfortable and virtually unfeelable.

Ideas for these fun, colourful little things are endless: they can commemorate team efforts, projects, school trips, graduations, assist the fundraising efforts of Parent Teacher and Friend Associations, or simply represent belonging to a school… the list is practically endless.

Coming in a range of ‘non-bleeding’ colours, and being detailed enough to allow for the imprint of school names and badges, enduRings offer a crisp, fashionable finish that the younger generation (and their parents) love.

enduRings range

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