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  • Safe Wedding Rings for
    Challenging Jobs & Active Lifestyles
  • Non-conductive, heat-resistant &
    hypo-allergenic. Perfect if you
    have a challenging job.
  • Always be committed to your
    partner, leave your gold band
    at home where it’s safe.
  • Tough & durable but
    designed to break under
    strain, removing the risk
    of injuries.
  • Perfect for the gym or
    playing sports, never take
    your ring off again.

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Metallic rings, especially wedding rings, just aren't practical for today's active lifestyles.

Serving with the Armed Forces my wedding ring would catch on just about everything, damaging the ring and injuring my finger. Building our house was literally a pain. Playing sports & in the gym the ring interfered with my grip and the wear and tear became worse. I didn't want to take it off for fear of losing it, having it stolen or having my better half questioning my commitment.

So my family and I set out to create a practical solution. After a year of R&D, that solution became enduRings: stretchable silicone replacement wedding rings.

Made in precision stainless steel moulds, from premium quality silicone in a range of strong pantone colours, you can wear them all the time without worrying about loss, injury or upsetting your loved ones. You won't have to take them off for sports & outdoor activities or be afraid to leave them in non-secure lockers and changing rooms. Most importantly, you won't be at risk of 'ring avulsion' or 'de-gloving' - enduRings are designed to break before your finger does.

Functional, tough, durable, yet comfortable - you'll soon have your friends and family converting.

So go ahead and order your own enduRing today – we promise you, you’ll never look back.

  • Enduring the daily challenges of life.
  • Showing your enduring commitment.
  • That's why we call them enduRings.

“enduRings are a great product. But to make them even better, we're proud to donate £1 of the proceeds from each enduRings sale to armed forces & cancer research charities”

Founder & Director


All enduRings are bevelled for a smart professional finish.

We promise never to place our logo on the outside of your wedding’s your wedding ring, not ours.


Tough and durable, but designed to break under strain, enduRings remove the risk of 'de-gloving' & 'ring-avulsion'.

They’re also non-conductive, heat-resistant and hypo-allergenic.


Accurately sized, light, and stretchable, enduRings fit better than metallic rings to the point where you don’t feel you’re wearing them.

If you’re unsure of your size, ask your local jeweller or use the ‘Ring Size Helper’ below.


At the gym, playing sports or messing around with the kids, you’ll never have to take your ring off again.

You’ll always be committed to your partner no matter what you’re doing, and your gold / titanium band can stay at home where it’s safe.

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